Bison Black Design is the work of Sarah Sargent, a multi-disciplinary Creative Director and Brand Consultant based in Cleveland and New York City strengthening and developing brands. 

I enjoy a good or bad cup of coffee, memorable characters in novels and taking pictures of houses. I like to bring simplicity and thoughtful details into my design and am passionate about helping brands grow through visual projects.

For the work of clothing merchandiser, designer, stylist, tailor, and artist Aaron Mitchael, please visit Bison Black.

Art Direction 
& Design

Branding - Collateral Design, Identity, Systems, Ad Campaigns

Digital - User Interface & Experience, Website Design, E-Commerce Interface, App Interface Experience, Social Media Content Plans

Art - Lettering, Illustration, Photography

Strategy - Forecasting, Ideation Processes, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Content Packaging, Workflow Processes